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Tests failing for the master branch of TheWikipediaLibrary
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Tests are currently failing for the master branch for TheWikipediaLibrary: is an empty patch with only a commit message but it is failing tests

10:42:27 <checkstyle version="6.5">
10:42:27   <file name="includes/TheWikipediaLibraryHooks.php">
10:42:27     <error line="104" severity="error" message="Call to undeclared method \GlobalPreferences\GlobalPreferencesFactory::setUser" source="PhanUndeclaredMethod"/>
10:42:27     <error line="105" severity="error" message="Argument 1 ($user) is true of type true but \GlobalPreferences\GlobalPreferencesFactory::getGlobalPreferencesValues() takes \User defined at ../../extensions/GlobalPreferences/includes/GlobalPreferencesFactory.php:489" source="PhanTypeMismatchArgumentReal"/>
10:42:27     <error line="107" severity="error" message="Call with 2 arg(s) to \GlobalPreferences\GlobalPreferencesFactory::setGlobalPreferences(\User $user, array $newGlobalPrefs, \IContextSource $context, string[] $checkMatricesToClear = []) which requires 3 arg(s) defined at ../../extensions/GlobalPreferences/includes/GlobalPreferencesFactory.php:510" source="PhanParamTooFew"/>
10:42:27     <error line="107" severity="warning" message="Argument 1 ($user) is $prefs of type array{twl-notified:1}|non-empty-array&amp;lt;mixed,string&amp;gt; but \GlobalPreferences\GlobalPreferencesFactory::setGlobalPreferences() takes \User defined at ../../extensions/GlobalPreferences/includes/GlobalPreferencesFactory.php:510" source="PhanTypeMismatchArgument"/>
10:42:27     <error line="107" severity="warning" message="Argument 2 ($newGlobalPrefs) is RequestContext::getMain() of type \IContextSource|\MessageLocalizer|\MutableContext|\RequestContext but \GlobalPreferences\GlobalPreferencesFactory::setGlobalPreferences() takes array defined at ../../extensions/GlobalPreferences/includes/GlobalPreferencesFactory.php:510" source="PhanTypeMismatchArgument"/>
10:42:27   </file>
10:42:27 </checkstyle>

Likely caused by T238466: Deprecate GlobalPreferencesFactory::setUser() [medium]

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This is only deployed on Test wiki - we'll come back to this later this year when we come to review T132084.

This is only deployed on Test wiki - we'll come back to this later this year when we come to review T132084.

Given that the failures are blocking T250566: Replace PageContent(Insert|Save)Complete hooks, would you be willing to override Jenkins and merge so the other task can proceed?

This was implemented by @Catrope who might have time to look at this?

Krinkle triaged this task as High priority.Aug 5 2020, 7:16 PM
Krinkle added a subscriber: Krinkle.

Unable to merge changes the normal way into a production-deployed repository.

@Krinkle Just to clarify, is this blocking other work?

Yes. Immutable software can't be in production.

FTR, this is *still* broken. I don't know the details, but having a prod-deployed extension that calls a non-existing method (and has been doing so since June) surely feels really weird.

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