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kubectl logs fails on /usr/lib/uwsgi/plugins/
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This is happening on tools-sgebastion-08, running as tools.spi-tools-dev

$ kubectl logs spi-tools-dev-67998c5b8f-885sd
open("/usr/lib/uwsgi/plugins/"): No such file or directory [core/utils.c line 3724]
! UNABLE to load uWSGI plugin: /usr/lib/uwsgi/plugins/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory !
[uWSGI] getting INI configuration from /data/project/spi-tools-dev/www/python/uwsgi.ini

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Bstorm triaged this task as Lowest priority.Jul 1 2020, 2:44 PM
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This is not a failure. That's actual log output from the container that always happens from our python containers at this time. We could eventually find a way to silence or eliminate that message, but it isn't actually an error relating t kubectl, which is a golang program, not python or uwsgi related.

It might be nice to get rid of the message because it is ugly and confusing.

Ah, thanks for the explanation. I just assumed it was kubectl failing to start up properly.

We could fix this in the webservice generated uwsgi config, but it is 100% cosmetic. The config we generate tries to load both the python2 and python3 uwsgi connectors. uwsgi emits a warning, but no failure, for any connector that is not found.

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I believe this is fixed in the python3.11 image.