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Improve Accept-Language header handling in RESTBase
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"As a user of the Page Content Service, I want to send a standard Accept-Language header with my request and receive the appropriate language variant in the response."


On a request to, Accept-Language: en, sr-Latn;q=0.9, sr-Cyrl;q=0.8 would be reduced to sr-el.

On a request to, Accept-Language: en, zh-tw;q=0.5 would be reduced to zh-tw.

There is code in the mobileapps service that handles this reduction. It sorts the codes by q score and the converts from IETF language tags to Wikipedia language codes to pick the most relevant language code. It should just be a matter of moving that code upstream into RESTBase. The code only handles zhwiki and srwiki at the moment but could be expanded to other wikis with variants.

Done Criteria

  • Requests that pass a standard accept language header utilize the highest-ranked language code and variant that's relevant to the domain.

Specific Examples:

  • curl "" -H "Accept-Language: en, sr-Latn;q=0.9, sr-Cyrl;q=0.8" picks sr-el as the appropriate wiki language variant. The returned displaytitle should be Srbija and not Србија.
  • curl "" -H "Accept-Language: en, zh-hans;q=0.5" picks zh-hans as the appropriate wiki language variant. The returned displaytitle should be 中国 and not 中國.
  • The above examples return the correct variant for other Page Content Service endpoints - /page/mobile-html, /page/media-list

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