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TextExtracts extension: Code stewardship review
Open, Needs TriagePublic


The reading web team inherited the TextExtracts exception since one of our team members (no longer part of the team) created it.

The team is predominately made of frontend engineers, so supporting a predominately backend extension is challenging. Particularly one for which we have not contributed much to and doesn't meet any product needs.

The TextExtracts extension provides text extracts to gadget developers. For product needs we've been using the RESTBase summary API instead.

It would be great if we could find better maintainers for this project or explore decommissioning it.


Number, severity, and age of known and confirmed security issues

none (yet!)

Was it a cause of production outages or incidents? List them.

None known.

Does it have sufficient hardware resources for now and the near future (to take into account expected usage growth)?

I have no idea! Part of the problem. The team maintaining it has little knowledge of infrastructure.

Is it a frequent cause of monitoring alerts that need action, and are they addressed timely and appropriately?


When it was first deployed to Wikimedia production

circa 1.25+

Usage statistics based on audience(s) served

The API it provides it used by gadgets. Not sure how much this is used.
It's likely to be more important to 3rd parties using the Page-Previews extension who are unable to setup RESTBase.

Changes committed in last 1, 3, 6, and 12 months

Maintenance only patches

Reliance on outdated platforms (e.g. operating systems)


Number of developers who committed code in the last 1, 3, 6, and 12 months

approx 3

Number and age of open patches

Only 1 at time of writing.

Number and age of open bugs

  1. Bugs and feature requests.

Number of known dependencies?

Is there a replacement/alternative for the feature? Is there a plan for a replacement?

The summary API on restbase Mobile-Content-Service

Submitter's recommendation (what do you propose be done?)

The maintenance cost of this extension is very low but is non-zero. It may benefit from a volunteer maintainer to support existing gadgets, but its removal from production should be considered.

Event Timeline

As a note, there is apparently an extension used in the page dumps called ActiveAbstract that is doing essentially the same work as TextExtract.

For everyone's info, currently no Code-Stewardship-Reviews are taking place as there is no clear path forward and as this is not prioritized work.
(Entirely personal opinion: I also assume lack of decision authority due to WMF not having a CTO currently. However, discussing this is off-topic for this task.)