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Commons documents to include an option for which default page to display
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Commons proposal and consensus for the page display option

Commons documents are handled as multi-page images. When transcluding these documents a "page" parameter can be included in the normal image link, thumbnail or gallery tag. The proposal is to allow the same type of page display option when viewing the Commons image page, so a default representative page can be chosen for documents, this is especially helpful when the document has an uninformative blank cover or other cover note rather than the original intended by the author or publisher.

How the technical solution would work has to be recommended, but as this may need to be added post-upload rather than only at upload, if a template can amend the option, this would need to trigger a document thumbnail refresh.

Event Timeline

Structured Data on Commons stores page id of the title page in Property:P4714, and one use of it is to display title page when showing file metadata using {{Book}} template. Perhaps MediaWiki can also use this SDC statement to pick which page to display by default when file is multipage PDF or DjVu. It would be used when displaying files in a category or in <gallery>.