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Upload first batch of sound files from Musikverket
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We got a first batch of sound files and metadata (ca 700 files). Notes from our discussion about them.

In total the prediction is that ca 10 000 files will be available for upload.

The metadata is here.

Scheme for filenames is title - SMV - id, e.g. Kring nejden höres gråt och sorg - SMV - SVA BB 5317_07

persistent link to CC0 release:

Look at the previous batch to see how the technical notes (e.g. Digitaliseringsutrustning are organised)


Event Timeline

Each file to have the following categories (see also T256596)

  • Matts Arnberg's recording tour to $place $year
  • Folk music of $landskap
  • Audio files of $year
  • Audio files of music of $country
  • Media_contributed_by_the_Swedish_Performing_Arts_Agency:_2020-07
  • Audio_files_from_the_Swedish_Performing_Arts_Agency set by Template:Musikverket-audio
  • Content made available through Wikimedia Sverige partnerships set by Template:Musikverket cooperation project

And if applicable:

  • personal category of musician