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Hide the "Monitoring" tab?
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3.2 looks really nice, thanks for the smooth update!

There's a "Monitoring" tab in the top bar of the new Gerrit UI, maybe we should hide it by default (if that's possible). It's confusingly named (I initially assumed it allowed me to subscribed to some repo's activity) and the internal JavaMelody metrics are only relevant for people who keep Gerrit running, but not Gerrit users.

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If it was visible by default, it would not be ideal. Agreed.

However, the Monitoring tab is hidden by default (see below).
It's only visible to users who can administrate the server (or who explicitly got access to JavaMelody).

And that includes you, as you are in the ops LDAP group, which are explicitly enabled access to JavaMelody. Hence, you get to see it.

Here are the relevant code links in case someone wants to verify: