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Make videos consisting of multiple parts play continuously
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I recorded a video of 14 mins. The camera splitted it into to files that I uploaded to commons. It is still one video and should be played contimously as one video:,_Save_our_Pride_01_of_2.webm,_Save_our_Pride_02 of_2.webm

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Adithyak1997 renamed this task from make Video consisting of multiple parts play continously to Make videos consisting of multiple parts play continuously.Jun 29 2020, 10:25 AM
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Hi @C.Suthorn, is this a feature request? Please also see

If you have two separate files on your machine and you upload them as two separate files, then there are also two separate files on the server. :)

How should some software know that some file should be played after some other file?
Or do you request that they somehow get merged into one file on the server?
What exactly is being asked for in this task?

I'd say the way to fix this is to merge the two files locally into one file before uploading them as one single file.

Once the 5GiB limit is lifted, that could work.

What could work? Could you please answer all questions my previous comment? Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately closing this Phabricator task as no further information has been provided.
@C.Suthorn: After you have provided the information asked for, please set the status of this task back to "Open" via the Add Action...Change Status dropdown. Thanks!

More examples of a video in multiple parts:ünchen_2020_I_deserve_Respect!_01_part_1_of_7.webmünchen_2020_I_deserve_Respect!_01_part_2_of_7.webmünchen_2020_I_deserve_Respect!_01_part_3_of_7.webmünchen_2020_I_deserve_Respect!_01_part_4_of_7.webmünchen_2020_I_deserve_Respect!_01_part_5_of_7.webmünchen_2020_I_deserve_Respect!_01_part_6_of_7.webmünchen_2020_I_deserve_Respect!_01_part_7_of_7.webmöln_Hauptbahnhof,_Juli_2020_02_part_1_of_2.webmöln_Hauptbahnhof,_Juli_2020_02_part_2_of_2.webm

This 8K Video by another user has 3.4GB, but might have had a longer running time originally:

ok, the solution is obviously to use the sequenzer and the sequence name space. It will concatenate the videos in one. Unfortunately the sequencer seems to be out of order since about 2011 because some URLs of javascripts needed for the sequencer to work have not been modified for changed server names.

I assume that's and , relying on some functionality in the old Kaltura player? Note that the Kaltura video player is getting removed in T100106...