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Add editors_monthly data to Druid
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Product team want to add an editors monthly table in Druid to use in Superset/Turnilo with the following dimensions. The monthly aggregations are compiled from editors_daily dataset.

column data typedescriptionnotes
wiki_dbstringThe wiki database the editors worked in
country_codestringThe 2-letter ISO country code this group of editors geolocated to, including Unknown (--)
users_are_anonymousbooleanWhether or not this group of editors edited anonymously
platform(s)stringAccess method (iOS, Android, Mobile web, Desktop)
user_tenure_bucketstringBucketed time between user creation and the first edits for the given monthpossible values: (Under 1 day, 1 to 7 days, 7 to 30 days, ..., Over 10 years, Undefined).
user_tenure_typestringeditor registed in current month then "new" else "returning", NULL when users_are_anonymouspossible values: new, returning, NULL
activity_levelstringHow many edits this group of editors performedpossible values: (1-4, 5-99, 100-999, 1000-9999, 10000+)
distinct_editorsbigintNumber of editors meeting this activity level
namespace_zero_distinct_editorsbigintNumber of editors meeting this activity level, with only namespace zero edits
talkpage_distinct_editorsstringNumber of editors meeting this activity level, with only talk page edits
userpage_distinct_editorsstringNumber of editors meeting this activity level, with only user page edits
monthstring[partition] The month in YYYY-MM format

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This work relating to editors is now under T307883