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Identify next steps for dealing with missing mobile app pageview counts
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After gathering inputs from stakeholders and making a final decision on whether the missing pageview counts will be backfilled, we need to identify next steps, which may include :

Backup of webrequest dataset
Count mobile HTML requests
Annotate datasets/graphs

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kzimmerman created this task.

Pageview analysis used to estimate expected pageview counts here.
Will need to continue with an estimate for month of July due to fix release schedule for apps.

@SNowick_WMF to update this task: what next steps were decided on (or proposed)? If work has been done on those next steps, link to relevant tickets or documentation.

@kzimmerman given that data , after rewrite, had significant issues until most recently when those were fixed I think it makes little sense to backfill. See: T256516: Re-process webrequests from 2020-05-18 so that page views from latest Wikipedia app releases are counted for examples of issues found.

@Nuria, just to clarify, we will not be requesting re-processing webrequests, this ticket is for my next steps to estimate pageviews for periods missing data and other related tasks.

  • Write incident report, stored in Product Analytics shared drive 'Data Incident Reports"
  • Documenting fix process in ticket (there were several different changes)
  • Noting dates and app versions that were affected - for future data knowledge, how do we exclude/include where data was missing. Where can we put those to make sure they aren't lost?
  • Estimating lost views and validating that fix is actually working (depends on new app version saturation) Estimated App Pageviews
  • Who else needs that estimated data? CChen: Key product metrics, which goes into quarterly deck, publish key metrics on Commons. Also CChen for Superset. @cchen has estimated pageview counts

Affected Builds:
Android Build 2.7.50318-r-2020-05-18
iOS Build 6.6.1 1743 2020-06-05

Resolved Builds:
Android Build 2.7.50324-r-2020-06-30
iOS Build 6.6.2 2020-07-13

Incident Report