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Split SRE-specific components into an SRE sub-package; create sub-packages for other teams as well
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  • Shared wmf-laptop deb with SSH setup, "all the random useful stuff people added to their /usr/local/bin"
    • wmf-laptop-sre package with pwstore configured for SRE
    • wmf-laptop-releng package with pwstore configured for releng
    • wmf-laptop-frtech package with ... whatever frtech wants/needs?

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A bit of history:

In there is:

  • wmf-clone by @fgiunchedi
  • wmf-update-prod-known-hosts by apparently @Volans P5608 , though I think Faidon gave me the first iteration of that script ages ago.

The repository got created as part of @mmodell task T212016: Create a repository for sharing ad-hoc local development tools

I note some might be using a Mac OS based laptop instead of Debian. I would welcome a set of shared tools but would probably end up using them straight from the git repo instead of through a Debian package, but surely a package is handy ;]

herron triaged this task as Medium priority.Jul 27 2020, 7:35 PM