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Items in bread-crumb trail not shown any longer
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In the bread-crumb trails used at the German Wikivoyage only the greater-than signs are shown. The link description and the site name are missing. Example:

<div id="contentSub"><a href="/wiki/Welt" title="Welt"></a> > <a href="/wiki/Afrika" title="Afrika"></a> > </div>

Expected behavior:

<div id="contentSub"><a href="/wiki/Welt" title="Welt">Welt</a> > <a href="/wiki/Afrika" title="Afrika">Afrika</a> > Nordafrika</div>

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This bug is occurs only from today. It seems to be a side effect of a change in another module because geocrumbs extension was last changed three weeks ago. Maybe $linkText = $parserCache->getTitleText(); fails.

Please check public static function makeTrail( Title $title, ParserOutput $parserOutput, User $user ) in GeoCrumbsHooks.php.

This happens in all skins, not only in Vector. This is a quite visible regression, hence tagging the Editing-team as an exception.

Let me add a couple of wierd things: