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Help panel code cleanup July 2020
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While working on the parent task, T250235: Scale: pilot help panel with mentorship, we want to reserve time to also do some cleanup to the help panel code, in the spirit of T255425: Refactor help panel code.

@Tgr @Catrope @kostajh can list some notes here of good things to do in the cleanup.

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Tgr closed this task as Declined.Jul 29 2020, 9:10 PM

The refactoring that would have matched the task well would have been splitting up HelpPanelProcessDialog by extracting panels/screens, creating a base class for them, creating subclasses for the various panels and making those panel objects provide the root screen buttons, the actions etc. That would make the code easier to navigate and variations in panel content based on workflow and user configuration (and the homepage reuse of the help panel) easier to handle. (It would also make writing JS unit tests easier, if we ever got around to that.)

I ended up spending so much time on server-side refactoring though (cb8d2fc1, ddbb4c3c, 5d38a94c, 299084ad, 616533, most of 616339) that I should probably not spend any more time on this, so I'm leaving that to another time. (It's mostly helpful for adding new or alternative screens to the help panel - I guess we'll do that next time for Add a Link, so maybe this change can be reconsidered then.)

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