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Deploy read-only mode for ShortUrl
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The main thing is that we no longer expose (old) ShortUrls anywhere, and we don't create any *new* ones.

we could keep ShortUrl as is, put it in a readonly mode.

So it looks like the outcome willl be that the current UI deployed on some wikis where short URLs are eagerly generated on page view (violates DBPerf, T122708) and shows them atop the page for sharing, is something that will no longer be supported.

Instead, people would need to use, possibly via a gadget that produces a link like so that users can still get there easily and then only have to submit the form to find or make the short url accordingly.

Perhaps we can already remove the current UI and eager generation today, ahead of T187045 and this task (T107188). If not, what is blocking that?

For this task:

  • Develop a read-only flag to the legacy ShortUrl extension.
  • Create a snippet on as example gadget that provides a sidebar-integrated replacement for ShortUrl.
  • Reach out to communities of the wikis where this is currently deployed, informing them that the "title caption" UI will be disappearing in favour of
  • Set the read-only flag. This will automaticallyu resolve T122708.
  • After a week, remove the now-dead code and then continue at T107188.

Current wikis per CommonSettings.php source

'wmgUseShortUrl' => [
	'default' => false,
	'bdwikimedia' => true, // T146014
	'bhwiki' => true, // T113348
	'bnwiki' => true, // T62956
	'bnwikisource' => true, // T127968
	'eswikibooks' => true, // T96668
	'gomwiki' => true, // T206741
	'hiwiki' => true,
	'hiwikiversity' => true, // T177187
	'knwiki' => true, // T97218
	'knwikisource' => true, // T189287
	'maiwiki' => true, // T125802
	'mrwiki' => true, // T103646
	'newiki' => true, // T92820
	'orwiki' => true,
	'orwikisource' => true, // T124429
	'orwiktionary' => true, // T103644
	'pawiki' => true, // T178919
	'sawiki' => true, // T94660
	'sawikibooks' => true, // T94660
	'sawikiquote' => true, // T94660
	'sawikisource' => true, // T94660
	'sawiktionary' => true, // T94660
	'tawiki' => true,
	'tawikibooks' => true,
	'tawikinews' => true,
	'tawikiquote' => true,
	'tawikisource' => true,
	'tawiktionary' => true,
	'tcywiki' => true, // T150166
	'test2wiki' => true,
	'urwiki' => true, // T138507

Current UI example:

shorturl-ui.png (597×995 px, 102 KB)

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  • Develop a read-only flag to the legacy ShortUrl extension.

Thanks to @Legoktm for excercising the bounds of our space-time continuum:

Change by Legoktm, merged on 7 July 2016:

[mediawiki/extensions/ShortUrl] Add read-only mode functionality

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