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Create internal documentation on Scrive use
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Create internal documentation detailing best practices around a few common workflows. Also set up templates for the most common


  • Collecting multiple signatures for (e.g. Årsmötesprotokoll)
  • 2-person signing (e.g. simple contracts)
  • 1-person signing (e.g. Jäv)
  • ...

Things to describe:

  • Suggested order of recipients and when recipients can share order
  • Adding a viewer last in the order to get a confirmation that everyone has signed
  • Special considerations if person sending it out is not signing themselves
  • When to send a link to the document rather than having it attached.
  • When to select which type of authentication method.
  • Any guideline for archiving the document off Scrive
  • ...


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I just braindumped things in the description. It might be that some things are missing or irrelevant