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Create internal documentation on Scrive use
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Create internal documentation detailing best practices around a few common workflows. Also set up templates for the most common


  • Collecting multiple signatures for (e.g. Årsmötesprotokoll)
  • 2-person signing (e.g. simple contracts)
  • 1-person signing (e.g. Jäv)
  • ...

Things to describe:

  • Suggested order of recipients and when recipients can share order
  • Adding a viewer last in the order to get a confirmation that everyone has signed
  • Special considerations if person sending it out is not signing themselves
  • When to send a link to the document rather than having it attached.
  • When to select which type of authentication method.
  • Any guideline for archiving the document off Scrive
  • ...


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I just braindumped things in the description. It might be that some things are missing or irrelevant

We should also make sure there is a note about adding Opad as Viewer in the last step for anything affecting salaries

Jopparn added a subscriber: Jopparn.

Adding you as well André. If you could support Jenny with developing this during the week that would be great. The most important thing to have in place in the near term is how to use this for the F2F campaign.

The part about the campaign should be time reported on TfP 2020, so adding the tag.