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[Epic] Integrate MediaSearch into CirrusSearch and align it with the current Search best practices
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This builds on T252685 with the intent of having the Search Platform team take full ownership of MediaSearch and align it with the usual Search best practices. In particular, this will include:

  1. Definitions
  2. Decide what one set of relevance tools looks like
  3. Best practices:
    • Data collection
    • Separate index
    • Common way of logging and tracking
    • How to handle data from multiple sources without way of ranking them against each other
    • How to measure whether the new query suggestion is better
  1. Current state
  2. Decide which aspects of MediaSearch to bring up to date with best practices:
    • Instrumentation for A/B testing
    • Tuning/ranking
    • Dedicated service/query for doing concept lookup
  1. Future work
  2. Define best technical practices of how to use search with SD for future projects
    • Document best practices learnings
    • SDAW
    • extending MediaSearch to other wikis
  3. Ensure that future UI work does not break search analytics instrumentation (e.g. T281578)

kickoff notes:

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Note that we need to update the description based on recent discussions and start creating subtasks.