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Please enable file uploading on Romanian Wikinews for fair use images
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Please enable file uploading on Romanian Wikinews so we can upload fair use images like

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MarcoAurelio changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Jul 5 2020, 10:26 AM
MarcoAurelio triaged this task as Lowest priority.
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Adjusting task accordingly: stalled pending community consensus and development of an EDP as per Board Resolution.

15 years ago the community and the rules were different. You'll need some kind of consensus with the current rules and people.

The wiki is small and I try to attract new users by adding more tools and opportunities to contribute. It's not like we have a community that is very involved.


  1. Gather local on-wiki community consensus for the change;
    • Start a discussion at the community portal, village pump, or other major discussion venue, and give time for a consensus to develop.
    • Make sure everything necessary to make the change is decided upon. For example, new user groups will usually need to be addable/removable by certain groups of local users (not just stewards) - usually this could be granted to either admins or bureaucrats.
    • In the case of a very small and low-activity community, it should be enough to show that you have tried to gain consensus, and that you have given an opportunity for objections.

So you need to at least notify the community and give editors a reasonable chance to express their opinions.

I announced on the community talk page.

@MSClaudiu: Plese provide a link to your announcement on the community talk page - thanks.

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2 months later, I tried to check what your community says about this using Google Translator (idk Romanian, so eh). The community seems to agree on the fact that Romanian Wikinews will become a spam nest, because there don't seem to be active patrollers. As you haven't updated this task since 2 months, and the community look very negative to this, I am closing the task as declined.