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Edit the translated page as a whole: "magic source code"
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Sometimes it is more convenient to translate a translatable page as a whole, which is currently not supported (e.g.

I proposed a "magic source code" mechanism.

  1. When you edit a translated version, a "magic source code" will be generated. Example is
  2. Users may edit the magic source code
  3. Once the user click save, the translations will be automatically extracted from the magic source code and related Translation: pages will be edited or created (no edits are performed if a part is unmodified). If some component are missing, an error will be shown. If users modified nontranslatable part of the article, a warning will be shown indicating the result may not be what the user may expect.

Also, It would be possible to edit individual sections, which will also generate magic source code.

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This is not easy to implement. Would you be able to expand how it is "sometimes more convenient"?