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Add backend field to webrequest Hive table
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In T224236: include the 'Server:' response header in varnishkafka we added the backend field to the webrequest logs emitted by varnishkafka. We decided at the time not to add the backend field to the Hive table, but I think we should revisit that decision. @Krinkle and @Tgr were just trying to troubleshoot some issues, and have to resort to consuming days of data from Kafka to search for individual webrequest events. They should be able to query Hive to find this information.

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We want to do this, but there are a lot of high priority tasks before it, so ping us if it becomes more urgent.

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Untagging traffic as it seems like there's not much we can do here. Please feel free to retag us if that changes!

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I don't see anything actionable for SRE, untagging.