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Window: focus lost when navigating with shift + tab key
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Steps to Reproduce:

  • Launch a wiki page
  • Navigate till "Edit " and hit enter
  • Navigate till "Insert " dropdown, hit enter.
  • Navigate till "Table" and hit enter , click on the "Properties" control .
  • Change something so apply changes becomes enabled.
  • Check Keyboard focus is lost after "Apply changes" control while navigating using "Shift+Tab" key.

Actual Results:

  • If navigating using shft+tab after "apply changes" focus gets lost.

Expected Results:

  • Users should always know where the focus is, so after "apply changes" focus should go to next available element

Event Timeline

Change 585633 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bartosz Dziewoński; owner: Akinwale-microsoft):
[oojs/ui@master] Window: Fixed lost of focus when navigating with shift + tab key

Change 585633 merged by jenkins-bot:
[oojs/ui@master] Window: Fixed loss of focus when navigating with shift + tab key

Volker_E reassigned this task from Tam-edwin-microsoft to Bkudiess-msft.
Volker_E triaged this task as Medium priority.
Volker_E moved this task from Next-up to OOUI-0.39.3 on the OOUI board.
Volker_E edited projects, added OOUI (OOUI-0.39.3); removed OOUI.
Volker_E added a subscriber: Tam-edwin-microsoft.

@Volker_E what is the cadence for integration of OOUI into MediaWiki? when is the last drop before the 1.35 branch fork?

Last release is next week and OOUI should be merged into before the train happens. So this should be in. T257269, T257264, T257167, T257165 won't make it sadly. But we're already stretched release by one day.
There'd be a minimal chance, not a promise though, to get patches for above in before tomorrow 8am PST time.

Anyways, thanks for all the patches over the course of the last weeks and months, @Akinwale-microsoft @Bkudiess-msft and @Tam-edwin-microsoft. Very useful and great collaboration!

That's too bad. If there's a chance of to get T257165 in that would be great, there are a few patches on the Mediawiki side that has a dependency on that patch. T257167 on the OOUI side also is depending on that patch.
If it doesn't happen, we understand.

We have also enjoyed working with your team to collaborate on these accessibility related fixes. Thank you for putting up with us for sometimes not following the published guidelines and our infrequent pace of submission.

Change 611174 had a related patch set uploaded (by VolkerE; owner: VolkerE):
[mediawiki/core@master] Update OOUI to v0.39.3

Change 611174 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/core@master] Update OOUI to v0.39.3