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Fix the proxy behavior for Kubernetes on toolsbeta
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The new domain and the funneling of traffic to it has made toolsbeta's Kubernetes no longer functional. It redirects to <tool>, which won't really do the thing.

We should fix this because it was pretty nice to have a test environment previously.

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What should the root domain be for toolsbeta? A few possibilities:


I put both "beta" and "toolsbeta" on the deny list for tool names back in November so that they would be ok to use in this manner.

It should probably be as it's Toolforge and the 'tools' bit isn't really needed anymore as it was only there to match

nskaggs triaged this task as Medium priority.Aug 11 2020, 4:23 PM

I was looking into what it would take to fix this, but at least locally setting a Host header seems to work fine:

legoktm@toolsbeta-proxy-1:~$ curl -H "Host:" localhost 
Hello World, from Toolsbeta!

At least this addresses my usecase of being able to access tools locally. Is there any functionality that this is missing? If so I can take a stab at fixing it properly.

Oh! That's good to hear. It was set up so that it was possible to hit with a straight curl to the address from toolsbeta-sgebastion-04. That's almost certainly not going to work now, but this does unblock you, actually.

@bd808 I vote for as well.