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Tool 'abbreviso' has it's URL as a 404 page on toolinfo
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The tool 'abbreviso' current has it's URL on the toolinfo page as which returns a 404 error. It should be updated to

Steps to reproduce
  1. go to
  2. click 'AbbrevIso journal title abbreviation' to go to the webservice page
  3. notice how it link to which gives you a 404 error

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How do I fix this?
I tried editing at .
The only relevant field is "Path to tool below main webservice" which I guess is supposed to be the relative path to the tool's main page?
Changing it only changes the link for the title at
it doesn't seem to affect the link for the title at
(whether I put empty-string, '/', 'abbreviso/' or an absolute URL).
(The nodejs tool itself is configured to allow paths with or without the /abbreviso/ part).

Also note on both pages these are subpaths of the obsolete URL "" instead of "" (T245804).

It goes to now go to (it probably shouldn't have the double slash at the end though)