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Button on Special:UserLogout needs better text, says "Submit" currently
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On Commons, when a user clicks on a wikilink [[Special:UserLogout]] (URL), they are presented with the following page (using English and Russian just as examples—all languages are affected):

LanguageScreenshotCurrent textSuggestion#1Suggestion#2
Screenshot_20200710_093545.png (219×277 px, 7 KB)
SubmitLog outLog out
Screenshot_20200710_093003.png (220×315 px, 10 KB)
ОтправитьЗавершить сеанс работыВыйти из системы

String with key "htmlform-submit" is used there (Special:UserLogout?uselang=qqx). See also functions getSubmitText in HTMLForm.php and alterForm in SpecialUserLogout.php.

While [[Special:UserLogout]] is technically an HTML form, there is nothing to "submit". The text on the button should probably be improved.

Suggestion #1

There is already suitable text in the localized strings, namely text of the string with key "tooltip-pt-logout" (Russian "Завершить сеанс работы")—"log out" here is a verb, as opposed to "userlogout" (Russian "Завершение сеанса"), where it is a noun. Obviously, a new localization key is required. Similar wording is currently used in localizable strings "logouttext" (Russian) and "session_fail_preview_html" (Russian).

Suggestion #2

The second suggestion in the table is based on the current wording of localizable strings "userlogout-continue" (Russian), (three in a row) "logout-failed", "cannotlogoutnow-title", and "cannotlogoutnow-text" (Russian).


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Since the prompt is actually a polar question, I think the better message is simple 'YES'. But wait, what if you even change your mind? It seems it was never designed with that in consideration. Ideally there should be Yes, log me out and No, I change my mind.

Aklapper renamed this task from Button on Special:UserLogout needs better text to Button on Special:UserLogout needs better text, says "Submit" currently.Jul 27 2020, 4:57 AM

I am not a fan of "yes"/"no" buttons; in my very personal opinion all buttons should be labeled with imperative verbs ("Log out"/"Cancel").
Not sure we have HIG somewhere though apart from