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Paragraph-based Edit Conflict Interface deletes answers on talk:pages
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first described here:

When used on talk:pages, the Paragraph-based Edit Conflict Interface deletes answer that have been added between one user opening the tool by running in a conflict and resolving the conflict.


  1. Create edit conflict on talk:page between two users
  2. Leave Paragraph-based Edit Conflict Interface open with one user. Do not resolve the conflict
  3. Enter more comments on the same talk:page with the user who does not have Interface open or a third user
  4. resolve the conflict from step 2 in Interface
  5. Comments from step 3 are deleted


Deleting other peoples comments leads to Appealing a block
Users who work with Paragraph-based Edit Conflict Interface are more likely to be blocked
In cases where the problem with the interface is detected, the community asks members to deactivate the interface

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For your information, I gave this a quick try, but was not able to reproduce the issue. This does not mean there is no bug, I was just not able to reproduce it yet. I think I followed the instructions given in the task description. Nothing is deleted. Depending on where the other edits (by the 3rd user) are made, clicking save either brings up another edit conflict, or resolves everything just fine. Both is expected behavior.

Possibly related: T246726: Prevent data loss in DiscussionTools caused by MediaWiki not detecting edit conflicts with yourself (also see for a discussion about this issue).

We will certainly investigate this further. @Seewolf, can you try to explain how you run into the issue?

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Points for investigation of this issue.

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