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Provide a donate skin for
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The donate skin looks nothing like Vector, yet is Vector running all its CSS and JS.
It loads 9kb of css and 150kb of JS despite being an incredibly simplistic page.

It strikes me that a bespoke skin would be much more lightweight leading to a faster page load leading to more donations.

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Assuming Fundraising tech maintain this. Higher performance could equal more donations...

hmm, could also help maintain consistency between donatewiki and paymentswiki

We do something similar for ContentTranslation in case you need an example of how this would work in practice.

The skin itself would be pretty easy to maintain if made mostly with templates:

@Ejegg @AKanji-WMF See discussion in Slack here It's probably worth at least thinking about this as part of "combo wiki"

Thanks @Pcoombe . Creating a custom skin sounds fun, and the faster load times might give a nice boost for donations!

I'm out next week but if no one gets round to looking at this next week I'd be happy to put up a proof of concept the week of 16th so we can run some performance benchmark testing on it. I do think we could make this page a lot more snappier and it would be extremely interesting to see what impact that has on donations.

@Jdlrobson Feel free to work on a proof of concept, but I can't guarantee Online Fundraising will have time to work on implementing this in the near future. We will also probably want to A/B test any changes for donation performance.