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Gather feedback on the Starter Kit and ideas for Small Wiki Toolkits at Celtic Knot conference
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This task is about both organizing a session at Celtic Knot conference to gather feedback on the Starter Kit and some ideas for next steps for the Small Wiki Toolkits initiative.

(creating this task now post-conference, so that there is a reliable venue for adding full notes)

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"Starter kit for smaller wikis feedback session" proposed here:

~15 people participated in the session including Srishti and Andre. Etherpad link is here See notes copied below:


  • (Andre) Welcome, Overview & Personal introductions: Say your name, wikis you contribute to, what brings you to this workshop (~10 min)
  • (Srishti) Introduction to the Small wiki toolkits + Starter Kit project page (~5 min):
  • (Srishti) Ask people to open the page, look at what is covered both on the main page and the Starter Kit subpage, and to reflect on their own experiences in smaller wikis (~2 min)
  • (Srishti) Feedback questions:
    • What would you like to add, keep or change in this starter kit? (~15 min) Is it helpful? Could it be more helpful, and how?
    • Which venues to promote ("make it more known") the starter kit to both within and outside of your local community? (~15 min)
    • How do you see this Starter Kit being used in your community? (~15 min)
  • (Andre) (Optional) If there is more time:
  • Share what the SWT project is currently up to and gather ideas for next steps


~13 Participants

  • Jan Ainali, active on svwp & Wikidata
  • Léa Lacroix, Wikidata & Celtic Knot
  • Pau Cabot, Catalan WP
  • Stuart, Celtic Knot team
  • Amir Aharoni, interested in small wikis, templates, languages
  • Ramzy Muliawan, from Minangkabau Wikipedia :)
  • Nikki: I'm active on wikidata and commons, I sometimes fix stuff or do antivandalism stuff on a variety of other smaller wikis, and I like languages, especially less common ones which led me here
  • Michael Graaf: Wikimedia South Africa, interested in languages of South Africa, helping them grow
  • Ash_Crow, editor on French & Breton Wikipedia, Wikimedia France
  • Rexx/Doug Taylor, English Wikipedia, Wikimedia Medicine, Lua guru
  • Farhad - Russian communities
  • Jon - WMNO
  • Andre Klapper, developer advocate at WMF, involved in Small Wiki toolkit
  • Srishti, involved in Small Wiki Toolkit
  • Jim Cillock

Presentation of Small Wiki Toolkits:
Different toolkits, documentation pages, training materials, goal is to support small wikis
Also events: workshops, etc.

Feedback round:
Have a look at the two pages (SWT & starter kit), look for what is missing or unclear,

  • Amir: Mark for translation?
    • Andre: Yes, hopefully soon once we've gathered more feedback. Maybe two more months.
    • Srishti: Maybe one more month - if all is "fine" and no TODOs left, maybe even sooner
    • Farhad: Even marking as translatable for Work in Progress people start giving feedback. Please communicate that we want translators to start translating.
  • RexxS: Under "Help us with this initiative", building partnerships who have expertise and can give help and advice how to best produce materials
    • Srishti: To be considered, indeed
    • Pau: +1 on different materials, videos etc
    • Léa: Is this about collecting material, or producing? Currently collection of links linking to various resources with various quality / tech knowledge levels. Especially Lua because connection to Wikidata; would like to see more docs on Wikidata and some pages exist to link to.
    • RexxS' Lua docs for GCI for new contributors:
    • RexxS: - text to speech to create a video
    • Andre: Preferably improve documentation; if non-existing then also write it. For example we welcome help with existing Lua docs!
  • Léa: A great task for a documentation sprint at the next hackathon? :)

Thoughts how to better promote SWT:

  • RexxS: Affiliates (!) and chapters who could help outreach to smaller language entities.
  • Farhad: Regional conferences and their channels, Wikimedia Language Diversity group (on meta and Telegram). Russian, French, Spanish, Arabic etc translations can help to amplify.
  • Farhad: Interacting with ~15 communities but some have a small number of admins so can be useful
  • RexxS: Get in touch with Robin (Welsh Wikipedia) / WMUK office manager, as a case study?