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Improve UI text for Special:Import
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Edit the documentation strings on the MediaWiki Special:Import page to help users understand best practices for importing pages.

Current page text:

Doc string IDs:


  • Checking "Include all templates" (import-interwiki-templates) imports subpages as well as templates
  • Checking "Import to default locations" (import-mapping-default) detects the namespace of the page and moves it to the corresponding namespace in the target wiki (as opposed to using the default namespace for the target wiki)

This will require a patch in Gerrit which changes the strings import-interwiki-templates and import-mapping-default in the file languages/i18n/en.json in the mediawiki/core code repository.

Note that only users with import permissions on Wikitech will be able to view the Special:Import page on wiki. To contribute to this task without import permissions, refer to the screenshot of the current text and the string IDs.
Also for new contributors out there, just propose the solution in the threads below (it will bypass gerrit knowledge).

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