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Bug Reporting Best Practices office hours
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@jbolorinos-ctr should lead Bug Reporting Best Practices QTE office hours.


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zeljkofilipin triaged this task as Medium priority.

Assigning to myself to schedule it for the next office hours.

Could someone provide more information what this is about and which problem there is to solve, and how this is related to and ?

Hey Andre, this is just a blog post that will be posted to the QTE blog, and like I said, originally I set this up because of my experience filing over 400 bugs at Apple, so I just wanted to share the lessons I learned there.

This certainly isn't meant to replace the already posted wikimedia guidelines, so my apologies if that's what it came off as. I actually think that page is already very helpful and I doubt my blog post will have anything to add that hasnt been covered already in the "How to report a bug" instructions. Of course if there's anything I could contribute I would be happy to, so just let me know if that's the case.

Hey Andre, this is just a blog post that will be posted to the QTE blog

A slight correction, T258075: Bug Reporting Best Practices blog post is the task to write a blog post, this one is about office hours.

Quality-and-Test-Engineering-Team (QTE) team has office hours every few weeks and we're looking for topics. @jbolorinos-ctr gave a session to our Google-Summer-of-Code (2020) interns (@Vidhi-Mody and @Soham) about bug reporting and I've suggested that he writes a blog post and leads office hours on the same topic.

Thanks for adding this @zeljkofilipin, I'll setup a meeting with you now and feel free to reschedule if there's a better time for you.

Hey @zeljkofilipin, sure I'd be happy to do this, but Q1 would work better for me.

I think since we already had a session with Soham and Vidhi related to this, and I already did the session at the QTE offsite, I'm not sure if we would need to setup something else? What were you envisioning?

As sorry, I've confused this with writing the blog post, T258075: Bug Reporting Best Practices blog post. I guess this task can be resolved?

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