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Analytics for secondary SE CTAs
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  • How many users actually go to the feed off this snackbar?
  • How many make an edit through the feed?
  • How many edits are made as a result of this secondary CTA?
  • Do the people who see this secondary CTA make fewer edits via the primary (in-article, in-gallery, etc) CTAs thereafter?

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Charlotte raised the priority of this task from Medium to High.Aug 12 2020, 5:57 PM

This will necessitate a new schema that tracks the lifecycle of the Suggested Edits feed. We currently have a higher-level schema that contains an "aggregate" of the user's actions while using Suggested Edits, as well as a schema that contains the user's individual edits made from Suggested Edits, but neither of those are quite right for answering the questions in this task. The schema should look something like this:

  • source — The source from where the user got to this Suggested Edits feed. Could be suggestededits if the user went organically through the main Edits screen without any help, or secondaryCTA if the user got there through the new secondary CTA, or could be other values in the future if we add other CTAs or other ways of reaching the Suggested Edits feeds. This will answer bullet-point 1.
  • type — The type of this Suggested Edits feed, which can currently be descriptions, captions, or tags.
  • action — The action that triggered this event. Could be start for when the user first arrives at this Suggested Edits feed, or stop for when they exit the feed, or editSuccess when the user completes an edit from this feed, etc. (do we need others?) This will answer bullet-points 2 and 3.

Bullet-point 4 will be answerable by taking the app_install_id of users from this schema, and cross-referencing it with the edits they've made from primary CTAs (MobileWikiAppEdit with the appropriate sources).

@Dbrant - are you making the schema or do you need @SNowick_WMF to do that?

@Dbrant - are you making the schema or do you need @SNowick_WMF to do that?

@Dbrant - Ping?

The schema is now complete, according to the design laid out above.

The possible actions would be:

  • start - when the user enters a Suggested Edits feed.
  • stop - when the user exits a Suggested Edits feed.
  • editSuccess - when the user makes an edit while in the current feed.

The possible types are: descriptions, captions, and tags, but may be others in the future.

And the possible sources are the same types of sources seen in other schemas, but specifically for the purposes of this ticket, the relevant sources are:

  • suggestedEdits - when the user comes from the actual Suggested Edits screen, by tapping on one of the task types (add descriptions, add tags, etc).
  • snackbar - when the user comes from the secondary CTA (snackbar).

Based on the users who came from the snackbar source, we can then count the edits they made (by app_install_id) in the Edit table.

Confirming the latest version we are seeing in the mobilewikiappsuggestededitsfeed table is 2.7.50332-beta-2020-09-28