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Gerrit is giving tips on how to write comments, make sure it does not send our comments to some third party
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There was a report that Gerrit is trying to "help" with writing respectful reviews, by showing a box like "Consider how comments may be interpreted." below the comment text area
with a link to a Google blog. See the area marked by the red arrow here:

Sample.png (275×786 px, 20 KB)

The concern was whether or not our comments/replies/reviews are getting sent to a third party and are getting analyzed there.

Looking up the code, there are a few such recommendations, but they are triggered by a random number generator. Not through some third party service.
The relevant code is here:

So if we want to turn these "tips" off at some point, the above code (and the below html) can simply get edited away.

When clicking on Read more, the user is taken to
If we want to change that target, we only need to adjust the href in

We could make it point to a page for example.

Pasting all the "tips" that Gerrit wil give in this footer, so searching for them in Phabricator leads to this task:

  • Assume competence.
  • Provide rationale or context.
  • Consider how comments may be interpreted.
  • Avoid harsh language.
  • Make your comments specific and actionable.
  • When disagreeing, explain the advantage of your approach.

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QChris claimed this task.

As explained in the bug description above, our comments/reviews/... are not getting sent to a third party. Hence, closing this bug.