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Tamil language characters not displaying properly while downloading in pdf format
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balajijagadesh opened this issue 13 days ago:

While downloading pdf files from the Tamil characters appear like a box. to prevent that a font was added in the tool. While downloading with mukta-malar font for Tamil language the content appears properly. But the file name generated is filled with arbitrary characters and also headings generated with first page also appears in box. Kindly resolve the issue because of these I have noted reduction in pdf downloads for Tamil Language from
􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀 􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀 􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀
􀀀􀀀􀀀 􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀
18􀀀􀀀􀀀 􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀
07/02/20 􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀 􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀 􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀 􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀􀀀"

content appearance in the first page of pdf download.

The issue can be replicated by trying to download using the follwing link for example.கந்த+சஷ்டி+கவசம்&format=pdf-a5

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This issue now appears to be resolved with the changes we made, according to my tests. Would this be correct, @Samwilson? Also pinging @Balajijagadesh for input. Thanks!

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Great, thanks, everyone! I'll mark this ticket as resolved.