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Bump blubberoid base images from stretch to buster
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In T256877 we 've identified that the golang images that blubberoid is built on rely on golang 1.11 packages that have been installed from stretch-backports. That has been by design and has worked well up to now, but stretch-backports is being retired as stretch moves from oldstable to LTS.

blubberoid's blubber.yaml relevant parts pasted below for easier reference.

ersion: v4

    apt: {packages: [gcc, git, make]}

The base image is the one used to store the end artifact for blubberoid and should not matter much as it is a golang app.

However the golang image that is used to build blubberoid is still stretch based and we should obtain a buster one before moving forward with it.

We could just bump the image without changing the name, but that could lead to issues and it's probably better we follow a path similar to our python, nodejs images (e.g.

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+1 to having a golang:stretch-1.11 or equivalent tag rather than bumbing the os of the existing tag.

docker pull Based on buster.