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Form a consulting group and kick off discussion of project
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Kick off FY20/21 implementation work for Toolhub by forming a group of folks interested in consulting on issues like core functionality, application security, deployment workflow, integration with existing contributor workflows. Ideally this group will include folks from different areas of the movement (paid staff, volunteers, tech contributors, content contributors, etc).

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bd808 triaged this task as High priority.Jul 16 2020, 3:06 PM

The core advisory group today is @bd808, @srishakatux, @Keegan, @Reedy, and @Joe. We also have a mailing list at I need to do more work on documenting this on wiki and also start working on finding a few folks from the volunteer community to join us.


I asked @Mooeypoo for recommendations of tech volunteers with strong RTL webdev skills and she suggested reaching out to you. I was wondering if you would be interested in being part of the group of folks who @srishakatux and I can reach out to when we have questions about various specialties (things like T261020: Explore RTL language support issues in particular for you) as we work on the Toolhub project.

  • Expected time commitment is 30-60 minutes per week to participate in async discussions on Phabricator and the toolhub-dev mailing list with an occasional video call to resolve more controversial or complex issues
  • Initial commitment to participate through December 2020
  • The group will have a retrospective in December 2020 and decide on future plans

If you are interested, the group would be excited to have you join us. If you have too many commitments already or are just not excited about Toolhub, that is ok too. :)

I'm happy to announce that @Risker has accepted an invitation to join the committee.

We now have representation on the advisory committee of folks with experience in SRE, Security, Community Relations, technical volunteering, and on-wiki contributions. More folks may be invited to the committee if we find large gaps during discussions of features and needs of the system, but this completes the initial list of skills that I was hoping to see.