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Robots.txt broken on
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The robots.txt file on Toolforge should be updated to disallow indexing on the subdomains rather than the subpages as the current file disallows subpages of instead but don't subdomains require a separate robots.txt file in order to disallow pages/set crawl delay

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I thought we already had a bug for this, but I can't find it. The shared /favicon.ico and /robots.txt functionality from has not been ported over to * at all. It would be nice to make some kind of fix for this.

As @Nintendofan885 points out, the new robots.txt should work differently as each hostname will need its own rules. One option could be to serve a /robots.txt that blocks all crawlers by default and then let individual tools opt into being crawled by serving their own /robots.txt content. This would let us easily close T127206: provide a more strict robots.txt at Tool Labs as well.