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move js-var dataCacheTime
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In QueryPage.php the javascript variable "dataCacheTime" is added to the special page. Move the variable to the other variable in Output, because there is no need for a extra script-tag. Thanks.

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There's not really a good place to put it; the classic 'js vars' block is global (Skin::makeGlobalVariablesScript) and awkward to extend internally, and there don't seem to be other querypage-specific script areas to merge it into.

Since the inline <script> doesn't appear to harm anything either, it's probably not worth worrying about at this stage. If interfaces on OutputPage change in future in a way that would make this super-easy to move into a nice big block, then reopen/implement.

Is this thing actually used anywhere? I can't find any uses in trunk or extensions or searching enwiki. I would just be inclined to remove it.