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AMEX cards not working for india donors
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Several people have attempted. They get the message "your transaction could not be completed". It's definitely not the velocity filter. I'm asking fr-tech to look for anything. We also have an email out to dlocal.

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Hmm so with amex I'm seeing:

Jul 21 16:14:05 payments astropay_gateway: 81407443:81407443.1 Sending donor details for 81407443.1 to pending queue
Jul 21 16:15:04 payments astropay_gateway: Constructing! Creating a new adapter of type: [AstroPay]

and then it starts with a new transaction.

but for visa I'm seeing

Jul 21 11:03:59 payments astropay_gateway: 81403164:81403164.1 Sending donor details for 81403164.1 to pending queue
Jul 21 11:04:56 payments astropay_gateway: Constructing! Creating a new adapter of type: [AstroPay]
Jul 21 11:04:56 payments astropay_gateway: 81403164:81403164.1 Resultswitcher: OK to process Order ID: 81403164.1

and then it proceeds on to show the thank you page.

I see the url returned correctly for the amex transaction too, and I was able to test it and it worked correctly. However, the donor never got to the thank you page.

@DStrine @MBeat33 do we know if they got this message before or after getting redirected or before? Also both these transactions got the same risk score so it should not be fraud related.

Why is it that I see that Praveen cleared an AMEX transaction yesterday: 81380244.2?
Are we certain he didn't hit a velocity filter?
Dlocal is saying it is working ok but they are checking with their in-country (india) team

@EMartin That txn # is one that went through correctly right?

@EMartin I've checked a couple amex txns that didn't get to the thank you page and I'm seeing an IP Velocity Filter of 0.

81407747 is another one where I don't see the donor getting to the thank you page. I also don't see an error page record.

Here is the AMEX transaction that cleared. Looking back at the prior
campaign test, I see that only 27 out of 167 AMEX transactions got
approved. This could be an issuer denial thing.

[image: image.png]

I wanted to note here that AMEX was less than 1% of prior test volumes. It also had low approval rates at 13% in prior tests. The behavior may be typical of AMEX in India.

Hi all, I am in favor of just disabling AMEX for the India campaign. It is insignificant (less than 1%) for this market and low approval rates seem to be a previous trend. @FR-Tech. what would be involved with disabling AMEX entirely?

Change 615525 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ejegg; owner: Ejegg):
[mediawiki/extensions/DonationInterface@master] Disable Amex for India

Change 615525 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/DonationInterface@master] Disable Amex for India

I've hidden the Amex logo on tomorrow's India banners: example diff. Should probably clean this code up if Amex is going to stay out and improve the layout on mobile large, but this will do for now.

Also hidden the Amex logo on donatewiki: diff

@EMartin The Amex button is gone from the India / D-Local form.

Hi - I heard back from Dlocal today. They had this to say "Regarding Amex, I double checked the logs and I'm not seeing anything weird. You had a lot of cases in which the user entered the wrong cvv but I'm not seeing anything wrong regarding our connection with the acquirer."