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Twinkle does not work properly on Simple English Wikipedia
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Hi greetings, I'd like to report a bug regarding the improper working of Twinkle software in simple wiki.

  • This bug is happening when we try to use TW menu (along with edit, view history, etc) in pages.
  • Normally, it will show the links for speedy deletion, XFD, stub sort, tagging, etc. But now only speedy deletion option is available.

*There are some discussions regarding this issue in wiki - . Also, there is a discussion on the page now.

  • I think this problem is only affecting some users (according to above discussions).

Please consider this. Thank you.

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Hi greetings, the issue is apparently fixed in my interface. This seems to have happened because of an interface gadget Add a "0" tab to the top of the page which lets you change the first section of the page. I disabled it and the disappeared options came back. But I cannot say that the bug is fixed in whole wiki. Please consider this. Thank you.

Hi @Path_slopu1234, thanks for taking the time to report this!

On-wiki content like user scripts, gadgets, templates, custom CSS are local features and managed independently on each wiki.
Phabricator is mostly used for MediaWiki, MediaWiki extensions, or server configuration, or by developers and teams to organize what they plan to work on. Phabricator is not a place to ask for help with your own local code.
If you are looking for help with your own code, see instead
This needs fixing on the local wiki. Hence I am closing this task here - thanks for your understanding!

@Aklapper Hi greetings, thanks for the clarification. I will do as you suggested in my future edits. Thank you.