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No warning before saving if page is deleted during editing: should raise an edit conflict
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Author: thor.malmjursson

An issue occurred on the 7th of June 2010 where I was trying to tag an article at en.wikipedia for Speedy deletion - whilst I was editing it, an administrator deleted the article, which I was unaware of. I submitted the article for tagging, and it reappeared, complete with my tag on it, BUT I was the only person in the edit history.

The problem was that the edit was a vandal edit, and it looked like I created it, so I was in a bit of a panic to get it removed.

I have been informed that I should have received a warning when I submitted the edit, which I did not. No edit conflicts, nada.

Could someone please take a look at the log records for the article I've URL'd below and also the Talk page of en.wp user MalcolmX!5 who removed the article after I recreated it.

Thanks for your help.

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Version: 1.16.x
Severity: normal
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Thorncrag wrote:

(In reply to comment #1)

This just occurred to me, see (admin required):

I was also using Twinkle. I suspect this may have to do with the API rather than core.

thor.malmjursson wrote:

Apologies for the exceptionally long delay, I've only just got access again to my email for the bugzilla after losing the account password, and spending a shedload of time trying to remember my answers to the secret questions to get it back!!!

In response to your email, Thorncrag, yes I was using Twinkle.

Sorry again for the length of time taken to reply.

Could be a twinkle issue. Does anyone know if Twinkle properly sets the starttimestamp option, and that it does not set the recreate option?

Note, if they only set the basetimestamp (And not the starttimestamp) then the deletion warning doesn't appear (At least on trunk). This might be a bug.

This sometimes happens at the Dutch Wikipedia too. This is an example from today: (admin only). The user was adding the delete tag when the article was deleted. When submitting his change, the page was recreated without given a warning.

We do not have Twinkle. We do have a local script which has some of the same functionality, but the user from the above example does not use it.

Bug 23044 is similar: it requests an edit conflict to be raised if the page has been moved (and redirect suppressed) while you were editing.

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