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Build articlequality model for Hindi wiki
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How do Wikipedians label articles by their quality level? What levels are there and what processes do they follow when labeling articles for quality?

How do Infoboxes work? Are they used like on English Wikipedia?

Are there "citation needed" templates? How do they work?

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Chtnnh renamed this task from Build to Build articlequality model for Hindi wiki.Jul 23 2020, 5:33 PM

Wikipedians at HI WIKI label articles by adding maintenance tags or promoting to "Featured article" status.

Most Infoboxes are imported from EN WIKI, and are mostly translated to Hindi.

There are various versions in "citation needed" template family. They work just like their EN WIKI counterparts do. Some are for lack of inline citations, some for overall article, etc.

I am looking forward to taking up this task and completing it to its fullest.If there are any HI WIKI volunteers ready to help me complete the model,it would mean a lot.I have to begin by collecting data and creating a data-set for starters, so it would be great if we could start as early as possible.
Hoping to finish as soon as possible.

Greetings, As a reminder, I'll like to point out that the HI WIKI does not have the same article quality standards as on EN WIKI. The article quality standard templates from EN WIKI were imported to HI WIKI, but they seem to be incompletely translated and modified. I think that the HI WIKI community should decide a commonly accepted article quality standard first. I will post some links later to explain what I'm trying to say.

About volunteers, I think you should also announce on HI WIKI, if you haven't already. Best wishes

That would be great. I will be able to make a list of stuff to be done.Thank you

@Navinsingh133, for what it's worth, most wikis do not have quality scales like English Wikipedia and ORES supports them anyway. There were two wikis that ORES supports that didn't have any quality criteria beforehand. Wikidata developed a quality scale from scratch and we were able to run a "labeling campaign" with Wikidata editors to provide training examples for the model. Basque Wikipedians decided to wholesale translate the English Wikipedia quality scale and then make modifications to it to suit their wiki. We also ran a "labeling campaign" with them to gather training examples. Both of those models are alive and seeing relatively heavy use today.

We're currently in the process of developing a quality scale with Dutch Wikipedians based off of their labeling of Stub and Featured articles. They don't have a complete scale but we have a proposal for how we might make their template usage work anyway.

So really, I think the biggest question we need to answer is: "How do Hindi Wikipedians think about article quality?" and go from there. It might be that a single, ordinal scale won't work for your wiki and that is OK. Let's try to make sure we capture the community's understanding of quality and go from there.

@Psingh07, I think a good next step would be to document what people use the article quality models for so that we can help Hindi Wikipedians understand why they would want to invest time and energy into working with us. @Chtnnh should be able to help you gather screenshots that show how our demo gadget works.

@calbon This task is still ongoing work, any reason we have marked it as resolved? Has it been moved from our to-do?

I've reopened it. We have been clearing out the backlog and this must have gotten caught up in it. Apologies from me

@calbon This task is still ongoing. Has it been moved from our to do? I believe it got caught in clearing out the backlog.