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Tech debt: skins.minerva.icons.wikimedia uses non-standard classes and should be merged into minerva.mainMenu.icons
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The skins.minerva.icons.wikimedia module uses non-standard classes "mw-ui-icon-wikimedia-{name}-{variant}:before" and ".mw-ui-icon-wikimedia-{name}-base20:before". Classes in Minerva should be in the form .mw-ui-icon-minerva-{name}:before with the minerva suffix to indicate the code repository they come from and they should be base20 by default.

  • Merge the icons in skins.minerva.icons.wikimedia into skins.minerva.mainMenu.icons modules dropping the base20 variant
  • Migrate all HTML to the new classes.
  • skins.minerva.icons.wikimedia should be removed from the list of modules added in SkinMinerva::getSkinStyles
  • Mark skins.minerva.icons.wikimedia as deprecated but retain for cached HTML.
  • Due to complex caching implications renaming minerva.mainMenu.icons should be left to a follow up 1 week after the above is done.