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Automated generic email for failed recurring sent in error
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A recurring donor got the automated failure email 'name, renew your monthly donation to Wikipedia' on 07/22 despite their donation having processed successfully on 07/21.

CID 41810257 / ZD #769537

There are a couple of odd things of note here, which could be related:

  • Only one donation was set up on 05/21 and only one has processed each month, but in the recurring donations view, it shows two, one having failed. Hence the message being sent, I'm guessing. But in Adyen we can only see one donation, set up on 05/21, and this donation still seems live and active.

-This is one of those Adyen donors who was sent 2x the TY email for the first donation, one month apart (on 05/21 when they set it up, and then again on 06/21). Could a fix that is related be responsible?

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Thanks, @krobinson this is great to surface, as donors shouldn't get these emails.

I think you're right that it may be related to T257067: Adyen recurring double recurring records in civi

@Cstone do you think these might be related? What I'm wondering at this point is:

  • if we can determine how common this is
  • whether we should turn off the automated recurring-fail emails until this is fixed?

Any input would be appreciated, thank you.

@MBeat33 @krobinson 41810257 was one of the ones affected by T257067

There were 13 duplicates in total with 2 that happened in May 41810257 being one of them.

I'm still looking into what caused this exactly but I will cancel the duplicates created so no one gets another email like that.

Thank you @Cstone, and that's great to know the scale is tiny.

The 13 duplicates have been cancelled.

It would be great if this issue could be fixed before I the en6C Pretest scheduled for this 07/22 T258646