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VisualEditor "jumps down" after editor loads in Safari
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In Safari, when the editor opens, the viewport jumps down past the site navigation header. This does not happen in Firefox or Chrome. It might be biased by having mainly used Firefox as my default browser past year (and Chrome before that), but I found it more natural for it to not scroll down (like we do in Firefox) as it meant the visual context is more preserved. In Chrome and Safari, it felt odd for the content to "jump down". Especially since this curently only happens after the end of the loading bar is reached.


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Krinkle created this task.Jul 24 2020, 11:05 PM
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We will take a look at this at some point this quarter

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It seems to be scrolling so that your text cursor is at the top of the window. No idea whether that's our fault or Safari's.

DLynch added a subscriber: DLynch.Aug 24 2020, 4:12 PM

I was looking at this -- it only happened to me while logged out. As soon as I logged in, the behavior went back to being consistent.

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