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Remove db1082's BBU on-site
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We've been having this host crashing twice due to BBU issues (T258336)
The BBU still doesn't show as disabled or gone by the OS or the ILO, and I haven't found a way to do it.
I believe that we'll still see more crashes if we don't remove/disable it.

Other hosts that had broken BBU, as soon as it is "gone" and not show anymore, they are "fine", so I would like to force this host to do so.

HW logs for both crashes are:

description=Smart Storage Battery has exceeded the maximum amount of devices supported (Battery 1, service information: 0x07). Action: 1. Remove additional devices. 2. Consult server troubleshooting guide. 3. Gather AHS log and contact Support

Can we manually remove/disable it on site?
This host is scheduled to be decommissioned in Q2, but I am trying to work out if we can accelerate the purchase of its replacement in Q1 instead.

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Marostegui created this task.

@Marostegui is host down now? i can remove in about 1 hour

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2020-07-27T16:04:31Z] <marostegui> Stop MySQL on db1082 for onsite maintenance - T258910

@Jclark-ctr the host is now off, you can proceed whenever you want
Thank you!

Thanks - I can see it:

root@db1082:~# hpssacli controller all show detail | grep -i battery
   No-Battery Write Cache: Disabled
   Battery/Capacitor Count: 0

Thank you guys for the fast response!