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Books have problem on rtl languages
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output of a page of Persian wikibook

The PDF file that atteched is output of this page:
AS you see the PDF file is ltr(Persian is rtl) and all of character is separated(In Persian and Arabic languages separated and connected character have different form)

I saw this bug on Arabic and Hebrew languages

I have a propose:you can use wkhtmltopdf instead ,wkhtmltopdf is a open source and linux-based program that Google use it.


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wkhtmltopdf was quite broken when i tested it...

volker.haas wrote:

Unfortunately currently RTL languages are not supported. The reason is that the PDF toolkit we are using (reportlab) does not support RTL languages properly. I don't know if the state of wkhtmltopdf has improved. Using wkthmltopdf is no option at the moment anyways since it uses html as the input, but the base for the PDFs we are generating is mediawiki markup.

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