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Not All ToC items exported
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EPUB export does not include the 2 last chapters:
XV.— Mental Science and Sociology
XVI.— Radicalism, Conservatism, and the Transition of Institutions

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@Pbtsrc thanks for reporting this.

The issue here is that the chapter list is built from all links found on a work's page that contain the work's title, which usually is correct because chapters are usually subpages. In this case, the last three chapters are as follows:

  • Popular Science Monthly/Volume 3/September 1873/The Study of Sociology XIV
  • Popular Science Monthly/Volume 3/October 1873/Mental Science and Sociology
  • Popular Science Monthly/Volume 4/December 1873/Radicalism, Conservatism, and the Transition of Institutions

The latter two don't contain the work's title, and so are not selected.

The fix for this is to wrap the ToC with class="ws-summary" (which I've done), and the whole book will export correctly.

@ifried this is another case of the general problem we've talked about before, but it's a bit different in that there's not much we could do to automatically fix it. The automatic chapter list doesn't follow arbitrary links to other pages (when ws-summary isn't present) because there are too many cases in which that would result in unrelated works being included in the export.