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EditResult and reverted edits: write documentation on
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There are quite a few new features related to reverts shipping in 1.35 and 1.36. It would be useful if we had some coherent documentation on the topic, both for users (Help namespace) and developers (Manual namespace).

Things that need documenting:

  • Help:Reverting
    • describe the behaviour of the mw-manual-revert tag
    • describe the behavior of mw-reverted tag
    • show places where the reverted tag can be used
  • Manual:Reverts
    • guide to using EditResult in extensions
    • explain how all the tags are applied, including configuration settings
    • describe reverted tag integration
    • polishing and publication
    • (later) describe maintenance script for populating the tags on old edits

Maybe some of this should be separated into other pages. Will see.

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kostajh added a subscriber: apaskulin.

@Ostrzyciel, @apaskulin might also have some thoughts on how to structure this or what to include.

Status update: I have a draft of the manual page with most of the content I wanted to include:
It mostly just needs some polishing now.

As for the help page, I started a draft on that too and then I've noticed there's already a help page on reverts, it's just on metawiki:
If I understand correctly, all help pages should be moved from that wiki to, I just have no idea what's the process for that and if I even have sufficient user rights for that. I think I'll just add my content there for the time being.

I posted part of the manual, the rest has to wait for the relevant changes to be merged.

I tried to edit the help page on meta wiki, but it's semiprotected and for some weird reason I'm not in the autoconfirmed group (?). Submitted an edit request:

Things that work are described.