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Filtering Fund-to-Fund Transfer gift source out of reporting/search
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Hi All, We created a gift source, Fund-to-Fund Transfer, to track unique transfers that aren't net new donations. Example: CID 42572457. To prevent confusion in reconciliation and in mailing lists, could we have the default be to exclude from search and reports? @EYener is able to exclude on the backend, but we want to make sure users in the UI don't end up with these transfers in their donation lists. Ideally it would be great if we could toggle to include or just be able to search specifically for the Fund-to-Fund Transfer gift source if we need to find these transfers. Thanks!

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Eileen mentioned making a new status for this so that it doesn't show up on most searches.

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@LeanneS I renamed the existing contribution status 'Settled' to 'Fund to fund transfer' since it was unused (& a WMF addition). I changed the status on the contribution you pointed at. The only thing is that it's not possible to edit from Completed to Fund to fund transfer. I used a cheat or deleting & recreating is another option (you can set the status when creating). I suspect this will be too rare for that to be worth a better fix

At the code level the contribution_status_id is 7 (@EYener civicrm_contribution.contribution_status_id = 7) and since most searches & reports filter on contribution_status = Completed it should wind up excluded by default

Thanks @Eileenmcnaughton! @RLewis Does that work on your end to update the status when entering the contribution (transfer)?