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Watchlist Expiry: Fix issue of watchlist expiry dropdown being disabled in source editing
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Acceptance Criteria:

  • Watchlist expiry dropdown should be disabled until user selects to watch permanently
  • If user selects a temporary time period, it should be saved and then displayed in subsequent edits

Visual Example:

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 1.08.57 PM.png (349×994 px, 67 KB)

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If I am understanding correctly, the issue of the dropdown not being disabled will be fixed with T258443#6340537.

  • Watch checkbox when source editing should be disabled along with watchlist expiry dropdown when user first clicks edit
  • User must explicitly check the box to enable the ability to watch temporarily or permanently

Currently, the initial state of the checkbox is determined by the user's preferences (or if the article is already watched, I think). Should this be changed?

@dom_walden Yes, you are correct. Dayllan will be fixing that issue in the ticket, so I will close this ticket.