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Japanese donors seeing errors on week of July 27th
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This note was previously on this task: T258462

They may not be related to the other task so I'm making another task just to investigate these. These donations are related to the email send on the 27th. They seem to have made multiple donations. @Ejegg has asked @krobinson to look for any urls of error pages or error text donors have noted around these donations. At this time we think this is just happening for Japanese donors and does not affect ingenico in general.

from @krobinson

WE also proactively refunded all these ones that were duplicates. Not sure if more examples are helpful...?
Ingenico order ID:

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@krobinson Besides the text of the error message, the URL of the page where they saw the error would also be useful.

Also note that @EMartin will line up some japanese testers during their daytime to see if we can get any info from them.

Also from the earlier task:


Nothing helpful in the logs for these 4, unfortunately

CID 35144540 was monthlyConvert - we're using the same logic to get the TY page URL, so it should be the new address. However we can't really log server-side as we redirect client-side. No entries in the error logs

CID 4341830 was also on mobile, but NOT monthlyConvert, and both of their donation logs end with "Displaying thank you page for successful paymentResult".

CID 11044678 was on linux, NOT monthlyConvert, and both donation logs end with "Displaying thank you page for successful paymentResult".

CID 35479279 on mobile, NOT monthlyConvert, all donation logs end in redirect to TY page as above.

Hmm so with the second CID, so far I can't find a record of either transaction getting to the thank you page in the hive weblogs..

Also I wanted to mention, we determined that for at least one of the donors who multiple times, both txns had gotten to the thank you page.

From @krobinson on the original task 7/28:

We have seen more donors reporting this again after today's email send. A handful of donors reached out to us and we refunded duplicates, and a scan of around 8k of the donations threw up 20 or so more duplicate donations. Nowhere near the volume we saw last week, but it feels like something is still amiss:

#770436 / CID 35144540 / iPhone X/iOS 13.6/Safari browser / "I have donated I believe but it took me to a Wikipedia page that then showed an error."
#770398 / CID 4341830 "I did the donation procedure earlier, but an error message was displayed and a message instructing me to process again after a while was displayed. When I went through the procedure again as instructed, the error was displayed again and the process was interrupted, but I received two emails saying that the acceptance of the donation was completed." (duplicate refunded)
#770660 / CID 11044678 / "There was an error when making a payment I thought again that it was unsettled I got an error again However, I received two receipt emails from them, and both have different receipt numbers." (duplicate refunded)
#770648 / CID 35479279 / "I am trying to donate Yen, but cannot. What should I do?" (4 successful payments, 3 refunded).

No screenshots thus far.

CID 11044678 has contribution tracking IDs 81690045 and 81690087, both of which show up in referrers in the logs for the TY page on donatewiki.

CID 35479279 has contribution tracking IDs 81646761, 81648933, 81688049 and 81688256. None of those show up in referrers in the TY page logs.

The CID with lots of retries apparently has the Wikipedia App installed, and it's hijacking the request to but is unable to serve the page, presumably because donatewiki doesn't have the rest API exposed.

I looked at the amount of 2+ contributions from the same donor between 7/25 and 7/30 in JPY compared to the total amount of JPY contributions. 0.36% were duplicates. Mostly Ingenico but a spattering of Paypal.