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Assamese font problem
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Dibyadutta commented on 30 May 2019:

In Assamese book, the words are not display properly.

assamese-1.jpg (374×754 px, 105 KB)

This is an example of downloaded pdf file. Red circles are the wrongly displayed text. I have attached an good example of the same text (screenshot from the website directly).

assamese-2.jpg (374×754 px, 181 KB)

Here is the problem, Assamese "Ra-kar" (্ৰ) and "B-jug" (ব্) etc. are not properly displayed.
For example, শক্ৰু is displayed as শত্‌ৰু, স্ব is displayed as স্‌ব etc.

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@SGill are you able to test this? The new font-handling on the test site supports a few different fonts for Assamese, such as Lohit Assamese:

Other fonts such as Noto Serif Bengali are also reporting as supporting Assamese.

(Also, are the issues here all font-related, or are there other things at play?)

No reply in six weeks; shall we resolve this?

@Aklapper Yes, Let's resolve it. I tested and things look good to me now.

I'd say feel free to set the status of this task to "Resolved" via the Add Action...Change Status dropdown then (though that would set you as assignee, if you don't want that you can in addition Add Action...Assign / Claim and leave that blank). Thanks! :)

resolving per last comments